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10-Sep-2017 14:52

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The crank can be taken out, and stored in the case.On the corner of the case there is a container for storing needles.For example, Jonathan Sterne notes that if one were to point the machine towards the wall, the bass sound would increase.The portable model of the Victrola afforded it to be positioned according to the user’s preference, and placed in an infinite variety of acoustic situations.If one were to listen to the early phonographic recordings, one would notice that they sound somewhat flat or “tinny” and contain “pops and hisses.” This is due to the process and materials used to record the sound.The early recordings on wax surface were unsuccessful in capturing the heavy bass notes, and notes from the top end of the spectrum.

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In competing formats such as the gramophone, the adjusting spring could be tightened or loosened allowing variation in volume and clarity and the tone would become less clear as the volume grew louder.

The earliest phonographic recordings were impractical, in that they could only hold two minutes worth of sound.

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