Dating show based in alaska

15-Jul-2017 08:39

Off the grid, hundreds of miles from their nearest neighbor, people here can elude their problems and their exes and even law enforcement.But, as the locals joke, the reality TV producers will still find them.Because the producers gravitate toward extreme personalities, reality show cast members have semi-regular run-ins with the law, which doesn’t endear them to the locals.A few reality show legal troubles in recent memory: A “Bering Sea Gold” star was arrested in a heroin investigation; cast members of “Alaskan Bush People” were charged with submitting false applications for the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend; and the owner of the gun store featured in “Wild West Alaska” pleaded guilty to hunting violations.And then there are the expedition/outdoor living shows, like Nat Geo’s “Ultimate Survival Alaska,” where participants compete on journeys through the wilderness, or Discovery’s “Edge of Alaska,” about life in the small, remote town of Mc Carthy, Fehrenbacher says.The majority of shows focus on difficult or interesting work, she says, from crab fishing to truck driving to mining to running a gun and ammo shop.Discovery’s “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” plays up the survival and isolation of the Kilcher family on a homestead, she says.But lots of Alaskans know the homestead is a short drive from the town of Homer, she says.

“You’re like, OK, it’s winter, then it’s summer, then it’s winter again,” she says.

The productions tend to concentrate in rural Alaska, where less than half the population lives.