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We also have a good track record in a wide range of automobile-related products and are trading engine and chassis components as well as automobile parts.

As well as opening up new markets, users have come to have unwavering confidence in the semiconductor inspection equipment that we have been focusing on as a new commodity.

Mexican pork that is raised in a healthy environment is characterized by good quality flesh, white fat, and lean tissue with a unique pinkish hue.

The majority of Mexican pork exports are to Japan, and the origin of the pork produced in Mexico for export to Japan is certified by the Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law as being an area free of hog cholera, as well being one of three out of five states that have received both Japanese and Mexican government clearance, namely Sonora, Yucatán, and Sinaloa.

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This includes vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, buses, and specially-equipped vehicles, civil engineering and construction machinery such as wheel loaders and crawler cranes, and port facilities and industrial machinery.People in Japan determine whether or not meat is delicious not only by how tender the meat itself is, but by the flavor of the fat.This is the likely reason for the preference of apanese people for marbled beef.In addition, we are also introducing Japanese environmental devices to help deal with air and water pollution in China that is being exacerbated by economic growth.

Processed foods are essential in the lives of people today, and have resulted in changing and more diversified consumer preferences.

Taiyo Bussan has a wealth of experience and a strong track record in importing chicken, holding a leading market share in Japan.

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Andersson’s opposite view of continuous temperature evolution. Some botanists, like Rutger Sernander, proposed that these transitions were abrupt and not gradual. 5-year-resolution δO isotope record from Dongge Cave (southern China) stalagmite DA as a proxy for the strength of the Asian monsoon over the past 9000 years. A winter precipitation reconstruction from Norway’s coastal glaciers shows periods of increasing precipitation at the lows of the Bray cycle (Matthews et al., 2005; figure 54 b).… continue reading »

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The first was the status of (“conditions” of ʿOmar II, r. 1688) is to be interpreted as proof that no later than ca. 59) reported that a certain ʿOḇadyā “is appointed upon” the Jews there and called him (lay head of the community). Nevertheless, according to Nāṯān “the Babylonian” a bitter con­troversy took place in 296-305/909-16 between the exilarch ʿUÚqěḇā and the head of the Pūmbědīṯā acad­emy over revenues from Khorasan (Friedlaender, loc. The Jewish population there at the beginning of the 4th/10th century must have been sizable for such a controversy to have arisen. 323), there were “many Jews and few Christians” in the region in the 370s/980s. cit.) gave the number of Jews in Ḡazna as 80,000 and in Samar­kand as 50,000. 540/1145-46: The earliest burial date read so far is 1424 Seleucid era/1012-13 (Rapp, 1973, p. It is not certain whether the settlement of Jews in Varšād/Fīrūzkūh resulted from mass migration from Mandēš to Varšād or whether a Jewish commu­nity also continued in the former area. 228), surrounded “the environs of Balḵ.” Probably it was located near Bāb al-Yahūd (the Jews’ gate), mentioned by Eṣṭaḵrī (2nd ed., p. In addition to Bayhaqī’s story of a special tax on the Jews of Balḵ (see above), Nāṣer-e Ḵosrow also mentioned the Jews of the city in the 5th/11th century (p. Bīrūnī provided an exceptionally detailed systematic description of the Jewish calendar in his , pp. The poet must have been referring to some kind of destruction of the Jand Jewish community around the middle of the 6th/12th century. … continue reading »

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